Memorial Day Weekend in Sarasota

When one thinks of Memorial Day Weekend, images of the beach and backyard barbecues spring to mind; however, Memorial Day is so much more than that. Memorial Day is a day to think of, remember, and honor those who have fought {and continue to fight} for our freedom in the United States; a day to realize how blessed we are due to the sacrifice of others and their families.

My family spent our long weekend in Sarasota, Florida. My mom has been overworked these past few months, and just wanted to get away from it all, and what better place to head than Florida? So we packed up the car, piled on in, and headed south to the Sunshine State.

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The house we stayed at belongs to one of my friends. The house is so cute, and adorably beach-themed! It was such an amazing place to get away, and relax. In the back, there is a screened pool area that is surrounded by a small yard which is fenced in. The layout is perfect for lounging in the pool, and keeping an eye out for your playful pup. There’s an outlet outdoors which we took full advantage of, plugging in our tunes and dancing the day and night away. There’s a plethora of chairs to choose from, ranging from high chairs, lounge chairs, rocking love seat, to even a hammock. I’m pretty sure I made my way to all these!

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The indoors is just as amazing as the outdoors. The kitchen is open-concept, complete with a mini breakfast bar. It flows directly into the dining room, living room, and family room. There’s even a bar. The house comes equipped with many board games to choose from, or you can relax on the couch in front of the TV. The owners do ask that you lay a towel on top of the couch before lounging to keep dog hair, wet suits, and dirty feet off the fabric.

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There’s three bedrooms and two bathrooms, but the house can sleep a lot more than you think. There are 7 beds in the house, but at least 2 people can sleep on at least three of them. We need not forget the couches available, and if necessary, there is a lot of available floor space. The house is very spacious.

We didn’t really do anything exciting or thrilling. For me, this was a reminder, that sometimes it’s okay to travel to unwind and relax. If you want to spend the day reading a book, so be it. If you want to spend the day watching the Harry Potter Marathon…again, so be it. If you want to spend the day floating in the pool, so be it. If you want to spend the day napping on the beach, so be it. No one has the power to dictate the way you travel.

A lot of times when I travel, I wear myself thin because I don’t allow myself any ‘rest days’. I tell myself I’ll have time to rest when I’m back home, but that’s not necessarily true. I get back home and I’m bombarded with all these responsibilities, and that so called rest becomes a distant memory.

Well, this time around, I was able to fully rest and relax. We didn’t have any plans, or any places to be. It was a nice change of pace from the hectic schedule I usually adhere to back home.

How did you spend your Memorial Day? Did you go anywhere fun? Let me know in the comments!

34 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend in Sarasota”

  1. Sounds like a restful and relaxing vacation! The house not only looks really spacious, but really nice too! I’m glad that you enjoyed your trip. Except for going to a friend’s son’s graduation, I had to work most of the Memorial Day weekend.

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  2. Resting? What is that? LOL! No you are right, sometimes you need to just unwind and sadly that often takes a concious effort. This past MDW we had crap weather, so my son had a few birthday parties, we did play some golf, but otherwise just did some errands.

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    1. Haha right?! It’s so easy to forget what rest is in this hectic thing we call life! I’m glad to hear you were able to “getaway” from that hectic schedule, even if it was just for a little bit 🙂


  3. Oh my goodness, I love the blue, white and nautical decor in that house! The pool looks amazing. I totally know what you mean about not “resting” on vacation … often I feel like I need a vacation AFTER my vacation just to recover! So, glad to hear you were able to recuperate as well as enjoy your Memorial Day weekend in Sarasota.

    xo Jaime

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    1. I loved the decor of the home! It made me want to stay even longer. Leaving was the worst part. And yes, I agree with you. We should start implementing vacations after vacations. Even a day or two would make all the difference!


  4. This looks like such a lovely and relaxing way to spend Memorial Day Weekend! Long weekends are such a great recharge (and so hard to come back from). Wish I wasn’t all the way across the country in Oregon because this looks like such a cozy spot! Not to mention a great place to get a tan.

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  5. I love your name! I wanted to name my daughter Larissa. Your weekend trip sounds amazing. We go to Florida almost every year, but I haven’t made it to Sarasota yet. My in-laws were in town, so we did some local stuff in the Dallas area.

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    1. Oh thank you! I don’t meet very many Larissa’s when I’m out & about. Next time you’re in Florida, you should try to hit up Sarasota! Siesta Key is apparently the #1 beach in the US {according to the signs down there 😅}. I haven’t been to Dallas long enough to explore it. I would love to go one day! I hope you & the fam had a lot of fun!


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